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Influence Scorecard

Social business performance management

Euler Partners’ Influence Scorecard assists the design, transition to and management of the social business.

The Influence Scorecard is modelled after the Balanced Scorecard, the dominant business performance framework amongst the Global 2000. The Influence Scorecard is a subset or view of the Balanced Scorecard that contains all the influence-related objectives and metrics removed from their functional silos.

Once the influence strategy is defined and influence objectives are articulated, influence flows can be drawn explicitly in the enterprise strategy map with all the influence-related strategic themes, objectives and metrics.

(If you’re new to social media measurement, you might appreciate the glossary we co-developed over on the AMEC website. If you’re new to the pitfalls of determining the ROI of social media and social business, you might like our page on ROI.)

Organizational alignment

The Influence Scorecard helps organizations invest resources more effectively helping to ensure that the full potential to influence and be influenced is exploited cohesively and consistently throughout the organization.

Paucity of data was the reality of the 20th Century, whereas floods of data is both the challenge and the opportunity of current times. Measuring what you should not just what you can is central to excellent performance management and organizational alignment.

Working with the Influence Scorecard lends fresh insight into the influence processes that permeate the entire organization, and not just those within the functional areas traditionally associated with influence activities. This new understanding guides the appropriate investment in human, information and organisation capital to execute the influence strategy and socialize the enterprise.

Kaplan Norton Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame

Robert L. Howie Jr. wrote the foreword to Philip's book, The Business of Influence, introducing the Influence Scorecard. Robert is Managing Director, CMO, Palladium Group, and Director, Kaplan Norton Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy.

You can read the foreword here or download the foreword and a free chapter here.

The Business of Influence