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Influence flows

The common denominator

You have been influenced when you think something you wouldn’t otherwise have thought, or do something you wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Influence is the common denominator linking all the CxO titles and every facet of business. There is influence in everything an organization does, and sometimes in what it doesn’t do.

Business invests in human, information and organization capital to manage the flows of time, money and materials. Now it must be equally adept with influence flows. Developing this capability is pivotal to socialize the enterprise.

The six influence flows

Six Influence Flows

  1. Our organization’s influence with stakeholders
  2. Our stakeholders’ influence with each other with respect to us
  3. Our stakeholders’ influence with our organization
  4. Our competitors’ influence with stakeholders
  5. Stakeholders’ influence with each other with respect to our competitors
  6. Stakeholders’ influence with our competitors.

WOMMA Influencer Guidebook 2013

Our Philip Sheldrake has worked with WOMMA to develop its new guidance on influencer marketing. The guidebook begins with the assertion: "This is not an update to the 2008 WOMMA Influencer Handbook – this is a complete rewrite …"

Our contributions include: recognition that everyone is an influencer – it's complex – hence the new expression "key influencer"; that identifying influencers singularly is less effective than identifying an appropriate cohort of influencers; that the ultimate outcome is not identifying influencers but understanding whether or not influence has been affected. We fell short in one respect, our mantra "to influence better, be influenced better" didn't feature. Perhaps next time?

WOMMA Influencer Guidebook 2013

A Measure Of Influence

Jessica Burnette-Lemon is Senior Editor of Communication World, the IABC's member magazine. Philip had the pleasure of talking with Jessica on the topical and some might say controversial topic of influence (in the context of marketing and PR of course).

The resultant article appears in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of the magazine. It's a publication for members' eyes only, but fortunately, Jessica has given us permission to reproduce the article right here, "A Measure Of Influence" (PDF). We hope you find it interesting.

Communication World, Jan/Feb 2013, IABC